Taming Bridezilla or Quick Guide to the Best Wedding Apps

We all envisage a fairytale wedding, but planning a wedding can turn a princess into Bridezilla, stomping furiously around town crushing those who seek to help her. Luckily, there are some great apps around for loved-up princes and princesses to make your planning less stressful, your wedding more fun, and keep good manners to the fore. And knowing wedding costs can mount up faster than a good knight, we’ve looked for the free ones for you!

1. Your Website: The Knot or Appy Couple
A wedding website is a useful and stylish way to collect all the relevant info in one easy-to-access place and keep guests up-to-date, while keeping you connected with your guests.

The Knot Guest List and Website Manager
iPhone, iPad, Android: FREE
The Knot is your personal wedding planner and font of knowledge. Choose from a range of designs to create your free personalised website with details of everything surrounding your wedding day, from photo history to venue directions and cast list. Your guests can RSVP directly from app or web making catering and communications simple.  TheKnot.com’s great strength is that it carries an incredible depth of inspiration and advice on every subject from etiquette to décor themes, wedding cakes to honeymoons, endless options for mother-of-the-bride, bridesmaids, accessories, menswear. You can filter by a range of preferences to choose exactly the style and price you want in any category. When accessing your wedding website through theknot.com it comes with useful checklist, timeline and budgeter. Unfortunately the vast info on theknot.com is split into two apps: Guest List and Website Manager (which is great), and Wedding Planner. Wedding Planner’s wealth of info and links with vendors is only relevant in the US, and checklist and budget tools are in this app. In NZ, if you are looking for free apps stick with The Knot Guest List and Website Manager and use WeddingHappy for planning tools.

Appy Couple
iPhone & Android: US$39
If you’d prefer to spend a little and keep it all in one place, Appy Couple is comprehensive and easy-to-use. Choose from a huge range of designs to create a well-designed website and app in one go, communicating everything about your wedding day from your pictorial stroll down memory lane to wedding event calendar. Guests can leave messages and photos in your online guest book from app or website.  Behind the scenes Appy Couple helps out with planning, providing you with a timeline checklist, guest list manager, budget planner, décor inspiration, etiquette tips.  One of the great things about Appy Couple is the image gallery. Guests can upload photos, or take pics directly from the app into the gallery – so while you’re off getting bridal party photos, guests can take pics of what’s going on back at the reception and you’ll never miss a thing! You can stream images to a big screen, or live stream images to the app on the day so distant friends can follow from afar.

2. Your Checklist List and Budget: WeddingHappy
iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (not Android): FREE
Feeling overwhelmed, or stressing about forgetting something crucial? If you don’t want the whole website bit, WeddingHappy will keep you on track with its comprehensive, customisable timeline/to-do list. It also has a payment tracking feature where you can enter quotes, payments, vendor details, etc. Invite your helpers to collaborate and share tasks, it even integrates with Facebook. It’s a simple organisational tool for behind-the-scenes planning, as opposed to your website for communicating with and organising guests.

3. Your Research/Ideas: Evernote
iPhone & Android: FREE
As queen for the day you are making choices about everything from dress to menu to bands to pew decoration. … You either have your footman lug around your folder bursting with quotes, venue research, dress ideas, menu samples, magazine clippings, or…. you get Evernote!
This friendly electronic filing system stores and organises anything you need – photos, drawings, files, web pages, emails, audio notes, even handwritten notes. It syncs across all your devices, and you can share information with anyone you want to. Create a group notebook so that you can brainstorm with your other half or bridesmaids. It’s fully searchable for keywords, can even read print on images or handwriting so you can easily track down that business card, or note to self, or gather all your ideas on one subject together.

4. Your Décor/Creative Inspiration: Etsy and Pinterest

iPhone, Android: FREE
Etsy is an online marketplace where you can buy unique items to personalise your wedding, or just browse for creative inspiration. It focuses on vintage and handmade goods; products crafted with care, not mass-produced. Etsy has a dedicated wedding section for everything from table settings and gifts to garters.

iPhone, Android: FREE
Pinterest is an endless storehouse of inspiration and How-to’s. It has thousands of ideas and photos on any subject, and its step-by-step instructions make genius ideas seem entirely doable. As such, Pinterest is brilliant for brides-to-be, especially if you are keen to cut costs or personalise by doing it yourself. Whether you’re sweating over speeches, deliberating over décor themes or fussing about flowergirl dresses, there are endless images to inspire you. Create your own mood boards and brainstorm with your bridesmaids. The only drawback is that you could get sucked into a never-ending world of more and more wondrous ideas and end up late for your own wedding.

5. Your Dresses: The Knot LookBook
iPhone, Android: FREE
Basically your fairy dressmother, you can filter on style, neckline, hemline, straps, train length, price, designer… it’ll show you a range of stunning dresses, from different designers, at your price level. Order a stunning dress or just use it for inspiration. Ooh, it almost makes me want to marry again.  You can search with the same royal exactness for mother-of-the-bride and bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and rings.

6. Your Photos: Wedpics
Upload pics from iPhone or Android, or from digital cameras via web: FREE
See the wedding through your guests’ eyes and catch those candid moments your official photographer won’t. Gone are the days of disposable cameras on every table, or receiving an unsorted deluge of pics from all your snap happy guests. With Wedpics guests upload their photos directly to the app and into albums of each wedding event – engagement party, ceremony, reception, etc. Wedpics gives you free unlimited photo and video storage, forever! You can download and edit, order prints and share to social media – or turn that function off if you want to vet your guests’ choices!

And so Bridezilla sinks back beneath the surface… and you live happily ever after.

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