Terms and Conditions

The following conditions of hire are to be adhered to by Hirers and Users of the TET Stadium & Events Centre.

All tentative bookings will remain unconfirmed until a deposit is paid. Should another Hirer wish a date held by a tentative booking, the original Hirer will be contacted to confirm by way of deposit or waive the booking.
In the event of the Hirer cancelling a booking, 21 days written notice is required. If a minimum of 21 days is not given, then the deposit will be retained by Taranaki Community Stadium Trust.
For all events utilising the bar there is a Bond Payable of $500.00. In the case of the Hireage being for a 21st Birthday or a School Ball, there will be a Bond Payable of $1000.00. This will be refunded in full to the Hirer after the event in the case of no damages. If there are damages, this bond will be used for Damages and the balance returned to the Hirer.
All print and radio advertising of event, must refer to the venue as “TET STADIUM & EVENTS CENTRE”. Please contact us if you require our logo.
Arrangements for opening up of the venue area must be made with Taranaki Community Stadium Trust staff prior to your hireage and detailed in your hire agreement.
Preparation of facilities including the setting out of tables and / or chairs is the sole responsibility of the Hirer unless prior arrangements are made with Taranaki Community Stadium Trust.
Decorating the function area is permissible provided either Blu-tack/CommandTM or free standing displays are used.
Should additional lighting be required for decoration purposes, please advise Taranaki Community Stadium Trust Staff before use.
Hirers are not permitted the following:
Interior Walls/Floors – no markings painted or otherwise, nails, screws, picture hooks etc
Walls – no Velcro dots, staples, tape, cellotape, glue or any other such fittings.
Ceilings – no Velcro, staples, tape, cellotape, glue, hooks, nails, screws etc
HOWEVER Blu-tack/CommandTM is permitted provided it is all removed after the function
The Stadium Trust has the right to insist on the Hirer having security on site or a *‘Designated Responsible Person’. It is their responsibility to:
• Manage the entrance area to ensure only invited guests enter the building.
• Manage taxi pick-ups by keeping guests in the foyer area and minimise noise for our residential neighbours.
• Guests stay in the hired area. No persons allowed on the track area or the St John Ambulance rooms.
• No alcohol is to be taken downstairs. No alcohol is to leave the premises.
• Ensure the TET Centre is secure and empty of guests before closing the doors.
• All lights are turned off before leaving. The Stadium Trust may deduct from the bond if lights are left on.
The Hirer will be responsible for any damage incurred if the facility is left unattended and will be charged for any security call-out fee.
It is the Hirers responsibility to leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition after each hireage.
Cleaning such as vacuuming and hot mopping will be done by the venue cleaners; however any excessive cleaning that is required will be charged out to the Hirer at $25/hour.
Hirers who know they are going to generate large quantities of rubbish must, at their own cost order rubbish skip from Waste Management.
Any damage to the venue premises (fixtures, fittings, carpets, walls, ceilings etc) will be a cost to the Hirer.
The Hirer shall be responsible for the security of the car parks.
Hirers are not permitted to exceed the specified license capacity of the venue area. Fire doors should remain secured unless required for evacuation.
Proper control and supervision must be exercised by all persons using the venue and surroundings. Such control and supervision must be adequate to prevent damage to the venue and to comply with Statutory Regulations such as Liquor Licensing Control, Noise Control, Fire Regulations plus Health & Safety Regulations.
Unless Taranaki Community Stadium Trust is otherwise notified, the person who signs the Terms of Hire will be the Hirer’s nominated person responsible for these regulations.

Taranaki Community Stadium Trust has engaged the services of ABC Catering as our resident caterers. They can provide food and catering services for all events and functions booked at TET Stadium & Events Centre. You can arrange all your catering requirements through our Facility & Event Marketing Manager.
The Hirer is also permitted to use their own caterer if they prefer.
The Stadium Trust does not supply crockery / cutlery / linen (including tea towels) so these must be arranged by the hirer or caterer.
Inglewood Rugby Football Club manage the bar services at TET Stadium & Events Centre. If you require a bar for your function please indicate this on your hire agreement and we will contact you for further details.
For weekday (Monday – Thursday) business and corporate bookings that require a bar, the cost of bar staff will be included in the centre hire fee.
Please note: our liquor license requires that food be available at all times whilst alcohol is being served and once the bar is closed the venue must be vacated within half an hour.
The Hirer shall be responsible for the cost of any damage sustained during their period of hire. Security of the venue including the car parks is the Hirers responsibility. Public Liability Insurance and any insurance on property or the equipment which does not belong to the Taranaki Community Stadium Trust is the responsibility of the Hirer.
All functions areas within the TET Stadium & Events Centre are NON-SMOKING.

Click here to download the Terms and Conditions document that must be signed and returned before hirage can be approved.

Click here to download the Terms and Conditions for Schools and Clubs Hire Agreement

Click here to download the Terms and Conditions for Athletic Events that must be signed and returned before booking can be approved.